Her ‘Epic Reverberations’

Diana Schaub, The Weekly Standard, September 7, 2015.


Post-Chicago, Amy (with Leon anchoring the other end of the table) continued to teach undergraduates under the auspices of the Hertog Summer Program. In general, students appreciate team-taught courses, especially if there is a prospect of dialectical fireworks. In this case, the doubled pedagogical energy had a special charge. Here was a clearly loving couple, equals in wit, who, whether in agreement or disagreement upon the point at issue, charmingly addressed one another with old-fashioned decorum. I suspect their example gave the idea of marriage a new attractiveness, but also led students to a realization of just how seriously one ought to approach the choice of a life partner. One could see that virtues of character and good manners really mattered—could make life more fun and sexy, more joyous and fulfilling.

The Weekly Standard