Amy Kass, Friend and Teacher

Gary Schmitt, AEIdeas, August 21, 2015.


Leon’s and Amy’s reputation as seminar teachers, of course, was well known among their former students and colleagues.  But, as the saying goes, one had to see it to believe it.

…Particularly striking was their capacity to so smoothly but quickly get even the most skeptical of the educators around the table to fully engage, put forward their ideas about the story, and then watch their excitement grow as new insights about what they had recently read popped into their heads. But, like the great teachers they were, Amy and Leon did not let the discussion become a free-for-all. Subtly, with a sure hand, they guided the participants down the most productive paths by asking the right questions and by picking out the substantive points to be pursued from comments that, at first blush, were less than insightful.  In the end, not only had the conference participants been fed lunch. They also had been nourished in a fashion they almost certainly had not anticipated.