Leo Strauss as Teacher

"Leo Strauss as Teacher," Conference hosted by the Leo Strauss Center at the University of Chicago, April 22-23, 2011.

Panel discussions with:

Nathan Tarcov – University of Chicago
Ralph Lerner – University of Chicago
Victor Gourevitch – Wesleyan University
Hilail Gildin – Queens College, City University of New York
Robert Faulkner – Boston College

Nathan Tarcov – University of Chicago
Abram Shulsky – Hudson Institute
Richard Zinman – Michigan State University
Jerrold R. Caplan – Moorpark College
Theodore Blanton – Blanton Law Firm

Christopher Lynch – Carthage College
Christopher Nadon – Claremont McKenna College
Steven Lenzner – Leo Strauss Project
Olivier Sedeyn РInstitut Eleuth̬re, France
Catherine Zuckert – Notre Dame University

YouTube (Panel 1)
YouTube (Panel 2)
YouTube (Panel 3)
YouTube (Panel 4)