On the Argument with European Science

"On the Argument with European Science," Der Jude, Vol. 8, No. 10 (October 1924).  Reprinted in Gesammelte Schriften: Band 2.  Reprinted in Leo Strauss: The Early Writings.


Now and in future, this journal will report on works on the science of religion that, for the most part, are not animated by any specifically Jewish interest.  What right do we have to do this?  What right do we have to endanger our so fragile Jewish cohesion even further by troubling a Jewish public with comments on works that belong entirely to the European context (even though some of their authors may happen accidentally to be Jewish)?  For it should be self-evident that a Jewish reviewer’s private relation to some European matter does not yet establish any relation between the Jewish context and that very matter.  Moreover, if some European fact is of European significance, it does not yet follow that it concerns us in any way as Jews, unless, of course, one shares the view of “Jewish universalism” held by a certain liberalism.  What has Europe to do with us as Jews!

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