Franz Rosenzweig and the Academy for the Science of Judaism

"Franz Rosenzweig and the Academy for the Science of Judaism," Judische Wochenzeitung fur Kassel, Hessen und Waldeck, Vol. 6, No. 49 (13 December 1929).  Reprinted in Gesammelte Schriften: Band 2.  Reprinted in Leo Strauss: The Early Writings.


Franz Rosenzweig’s idea, according to his express intention, was meant to be political.  This man, who as a thinker and a scholar made such great contributions to science, was not concerned with science as something “self-evident,” something that is not responsible to another, higher authority; he was concerned with Judaism.  With an urgency that we cannot forget, he insisted that the norm of all science of Judaism be the responsibility for our existence as Jews.  Franz Roseenzweig will always remind all those who toil for the sake of this science of their true task.

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