The Cambridge Companion to Leo Strauss

The Cambridge Companion to Leo Strauss, ed. Steven B. Smith, Cambridge University Press, 2009.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: Leo Strauss today by Steven B. Smith
2. Leo Strauss: the outlines of a life by Steven B. Smith
3. Leo Strauss and the theologico-political predicament by Leora Batnitsky
4. Strauss’s recovery of esotericism by Laurence Lampert
5. Strauss’s return to pre-modern thought by Catherine Zuckert
6. Leo Strauss and the problem of the modern by Stanley Rosen
7. The medieval Arabic enlightenment by Joel Kraemer
8. ‘To spare the vanquished and crush the arrogant’: Leo Strauss’s lecture on ‘German nihilism’ by Susan Shell
9. Leo Strauss’s qualified embrace of liberal democracy by William A. Galston
10. Strauss and social science by Nasser Behnegar
11. The complementarity of political philosophy and liberal education in the thought of Leo Strauss by Timothy Fuller
12. Straussians by Michael Zuckert

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