Reorientation: Leo Strauss in the 1930s

Martin Yaffe & Richard Ruderman eds., Reorientation: Leo Strauss in the 1930s, Palgrave: 2014.

From the publisher:

Reorientation: Leo Strauss in the 1930s seeks to explain the ‘change in orientation’ that Strauss underwent during a decade of personal and political upheaval. Though he began to garner attention in the 1950s, it was in the 1930s that Strauss made a series of fundamental breakthroughs which enabled him to recover, for the first time since the Middle Ages, the genuine meaning of political philosophy. Despite this being a period of marked output and activity for Strauss, his research in this era remains overlooked. This volume is the first to assemble in one place an examination of Strauss’ various publications throughout the decade, providing a comprehensive analysis of his work during the period. It includes, for the first time in English, five newly translated writings of Strauss from 1929–37, brought to life with insight from leading scholars in the field.