The Time is Out of Joint

“The Time is Out of Joint,” in Deconstruction is/in America ed. A. Haverkamp (New York, New York University Press, 1994): pp. 14-38.


” ‘The time is out of joint.’ The formula speaks of time, it also says the time, but it refers singularly to this time, to an ‘in these times, the time of these times, the time of this world’ which was for Hamlet an ‘our time,’ only a ‘this world, this age and no other.’ This predicate says something of time and says it in the present of the verb to be (‘The time is out of joint’), but if it says it then, in that other time, in the past perfect, one time in the past, how would it be valid for all times? In other words, how can it come back and present itself again, anew, as the new?”

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