A Tory Revival Starts With a 10% Tax Cut

"A Tory Revival Starts With a 10% Tax Cut," [London] Sunday Times, March 29, 2005.


Although I am always reluctant to do what that famous Yankee baseball player claimed that his predecessor had done — “He learnt me his experience” — I can’t resist the temptation to answer the question being put by Britain’s Tories in the aftermath of the election: “Is there anything we can learn from the success of America’s conservatives and neoconservatives?” In one sense, the answer is “no”. America is and always has been different . Our federal system, for instance, is still in force. Because the states still have considerable authority in such matters as education and religion, the “culture wars” have ended differently here. In both Europe and America the left has won these wars, yet the victory in America has been far less complete.

The Sunday Times