Harvey Mansfield on James Q. Wilson

"Harvey Mansfield on James Q. Wilson," Pepperdine University,  February 28, 2014.

A two day conference at Pepperdine University, February 28 – March 1 2014, honored the legacy of James Q. Wilson and focused on his historic book The Moral Sense, and his emphasis on the rediscovery of character as valid concerns of policy education in a democracy. In his talk during his panel, Harvey Mansfield address the peculiar “empirical” but not “empiricist” nature of Wilson’s political science. Other participants included¬†William Kristol, R. Shep Melnik, John J. Dillulio, Victor Davis Hanson, Ted V. McAllister, Mark Kleiman, Colleen Graffy, James Pierson, and Robert Kaufman.