Too Much Government, and Not Enough Politics

"Too Much Government, and Not Enough Politics," interview, The European, 4 June 2012.


There is a lot of worry about America becoming less political, but I don’t think that is accurate. I see the polarization of American politics into two parties, with each determined to defeat the other. The aisle in between them has pretty much been cleared out. There are few conservative Democrats or liberal Republicans. This means that each side regards the coming election as a crucial conflict for the next few years. And politics is concurrently facing a big change: The discovery that the entitlement or welfare state cannot be paid for. That is a simple fact, and the question is whether democracy continues to award itself greater benefits than it can afford. Many conservatives seem to be aware of that question, but maybe not many liberals are. Much has been promised to voters but it cannot be paid for. This is the paramount political issue at the moment.

The European