The Contradiction that Rules Feminism

"The Contradiction that Rules Feminism," Hoover Institution "Defining Ideas" December 18, 2014.

In this article for the Hoover Institution, Mansfield discusses current OCR regulations and the relation to the modern ideology of feminism.


Feminism in the universities is nothing new. The movement had its start among intellectuals outside universities—Simone de Beauvoir in Paris, Betty Friedan in America—but soon made its way to academia. Feminism was able to change American society from the top down, but that did not prevent feminism from expressing, teaching, and even thriving on a contradiction. Put simply, feminism did not, and still does not, know whether to say that women are capable or vulnerable. If women are capable, they deserve to be independent, particularly of men; if they are vulnerable, they need to be protected, particularly from men (and yet, of course, by men).


Hoover Institution