A Great-books Junior College

"A Great-books Junior College," symposium entitled "Nineteen Great Ideas for Repairing Civic Life," Policy Review, March-April 1996, p. 23.


My idea is to create a new one- or two-year junior college for bright students (or even not-so-bright students) to earn the education they did not receive in high school and won’t get in college.  Actually I heard this idea first from Hillel Fradkin of the Bradley  Foundation. But it’s a good one, and I think it can work.

I begin with reference to a resource of which I am painfully aware: a cohort of unemployed Ph.D.s of (academically) conservative bent who are well educated in the works of great authors. To these political philosophers could be added others in history, literature, languages, science, and mathematics to teach a curriculum encompassing all that is necessary and fundamental and currently neglected or perverted in higher education.

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