Defending the Cause of Human Freedom

The Claremont Institute, April 15, 1994.


The Spring 1994 Intercollegiate Review featured a section entitled “Not In Memoriam, But in Affirmation: M. E. Bradford.” I welcome this, or any tribute, to my departed friend. As many readers of Intercollegiate Review know, my eulogy of Bradford was published in National Review, and was well received by his Confederate friends as well as by others who, like myself, are devoted to the cause of the Union.

Mel and I debated the character of Abraham Lincoln, and the issues of the Civil War generally. Although we were on opposite sides, our conviction that the Civil War was the central event in American—and possibly in world—history, was a bond between us. Neither of us ever made the smallest concession to the other in the course of argument, and Mel would consider it a false sentimentality were I to do so now.

Claremont Institute