Statesmanship: Essays in Honor of Sir Winston S. Churchill

Editor, Studies in Statesmanship of the Winston S. Churchill Association, Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 1982.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: On the Necessity of a Scholarship of the Politics of Freedom / Harry V. Jaffa
1. In Search of Churchill’s Character / Martin Gilbert
2. Can There Be Another Winston Churchill? / Harry V. Jaffa
3. On War and Legitimacy in Shakespeare’s Henry V / Marlo Lewis, Jr.
4. Winston S. Churchill on Civilizing Empire / Kirk Emmert
5. Winston S. Churchill: Statesman as Strategist / Wayne C. Thompson
6. Politics and Strategy in the Dardanelles Operation / Jeffrey D. Wallin
7. The Struggle of the New World Order: The Foreign Policy of the British Left, 1932-1939 / Steven A. Maaranen
8. De Gaulle: Statesmanship in the Modern State / Angelo Codevilla
9. Solzhenitsyn / Edward J. Erler
10. The Sinking of the Lusitania: Brutality, Bungling, or Betrayal? / Harry V. Jaffa
11. The (Okay) Imperial Presidency / Harry V. Jaffa