Natural Right and Political Right: Essays in Honor of Harry V. Jaffa

Thomas B. Silver and Peter W. Schramm, Durham:  Carolina Academic Press, 1984.

Table of Contents:

1. Dante and the Rediscovery of Political Philosophy by Ernest L. Fortin
2. Jefferson and the Practice of Empire by David Tucker
3. Elements of Ancient and Modern Harmony by John Adams Wettergreen
4. The Great Machiavellian Deed? Reconsideration of Frederick II’s Invasion of Silesia by Peter W. Schramm
5. The Failure of Henry V by Larry Peterman
6. Woodrow Wilson and the Statesmanship of Progress by Charles R. Kesler
7. Rousseau and Hobbes on the Unity of the State by Edward J. Erler
8. John Locke and the American Founding by Jeffrey D. Wallin
9. The Absent Executive in Aristotle’s Politics by Harvey Mansfield
10. Machiavelli and Caesar by Grant Mindle
11. Young Men in a Hurry: Roosevelt, Lodge, and the Foundations of Twentieth-Century Republicanism by Patrick J. Garrity
12. Defending Socrates and Defending Politics by Thomas G. West
13. The Peaceful Purposes of Winston Churchill by L. P. Arnn
14. Another Peek at Aristotle and Phyllis: The Place of Women in Aristotle’s Argument for Human Equality by Ken Masugi
15. The Hero Abroad: Toward an Interpretation of Tom Sawyer Abroad by Dennis J. Mahoney
16. Equality, Liberty, and Consent in A Theory of Justice by Thomas Engeman
17. The Orthodox John Dickinson by Christopher Flannery
18. Phenomenology and Political Philosophy by John Zvesper
19. The Political Odyssey of Herbert Wehner by Wayne C. Thompson
20. Political Philosophy or Nihilist Science? Education’s Only Serious Question by Harry Neumann
21. The Man Who Walked With God by Thomas B. Silver
22. The Religion of Rootlessness by Sanderson Schaub
23. From Factions to Parties: America’s Partisan Education by Donald W. Weatherman
24. Time Out of Mind: Burke’s Constitution by Francis Canavan, S.J.
The Writings of Harry V. Jaffa