Crisis of the Strauss Divided: Essays on Leo Strauss and Straussianism, East and West

Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2012.

Summary from the Publisher:

Crisis of the Strauss Divided brings together a collection of Jaffa’s published arguments defending and explaining that judgment, written during the 40 years since Strauss’s death. The volume includes arguments of those who have disagreed with Jaffa about Strauss’s teaching and about the nature of political philosophy. These wide ranging exchanges explore many of the great themes of political philosophy and, in particular, the implications of Strauss’s thinking for America and modern civilization.

Table of Contents:

1. Straussian Geography: A Memoir and Commentary
2. Leo Strauss Remembered
3. Political Philosophy and Honor: The Leo Strauss Dissertation Award
4. The Legacy of Leo Strauss: Review of Studies in Platonic Political Philosophy by Leo Strauss with an Introduction by Thomas L. Pangle and a Foreword by Joseph Cropsey
5. The Platonism of Leo Strauss: A Reply to Harry Jaffa by Thomas L. Pangle
6. “The Legacy of Leo Strauss” Defended
7. The Politics of Moderation: Strauss’s Esotericism by John A. Wettergreen
8. Leo Strauss’s Churchillian Speech and the Question of the Decline of the West
9. Response to M. F. Burnyeat’s “Sphinx Without a Secret”: A Review of Studies in Platonic Political Philosophy in the New York Review of Books (May 30,1985)
10. “Dear Professor Drury”
11. Crisis of the Strauss Divided: The Legacy Reconsidered
12. Leo Strauss, the Bible, and Political Philosophy
13. Dear Sirs: A letter to the editor of the New York Review of Books
14. “Relativism” by Leo Strauss
15. Strauss at 100
16. Moral Order in the Western Tradition: Harry Jaffa’s Grand Synthesis of Athens, Jerusalem, and Peoria by Robert P. Kraynak
17. Too Good to be True?: A Reply to Robert Kraynak’s “Moral Order in the Western Tradition: Harry Jaffa’s Grand Synthesis of Athens, Jerusalem, and Peoria”
18. Jaffa’s New Birth: Harry Jaffa at Ninety by Michael P. Zuckert
19. A Reply to Michael Zuckert’s “Jaffa’s New Birth: Harry Jaffa at Ninety”

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