The Conditions of Freedom: Essays in Political Philosophy

Johns Hopkins University Press, 1975.

Summary from the Publisher:

This volume represents the second in a series. In 1999, in commemoration of Professor Harry V. Jaffa’s 80th birthday, the Claremont Institute began to re-issue four of his out-of-print books. The present volume, originally published by Johns Hopkins University Press in 1975, joins Equality and Liberty (Oxford University Press, 1965) in publication.

Table of Contents:

1. What Is Politics? An Interpretation of Aristotle’s Politics
2. The Limits of Politics
3. The Virtue of a Nation of Cities
4. Political Obligation and the American Political Tradition
5. Reflections on Thoreau and Lincoln
6. What Is Equality?
7. Partly Federal, Partly National
8. Crisis of the House Divided
9. Tom Sawyer
10. The Conditions of Freedom
11. Slavery
12. Letters of a Patriot
13. Portrait of a Patriot
14. Lincoln and the Cause of Freedom

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