American Conservatism and the American Founding

Durham: Carolina Academic Press, 1984.

Summary from the Publisher:

This book is the fourth in a series (including Equality and Liberty, The Conditions of Freedom, and How to Think About the American Revolution) of reprinted works by Harry V. Jaffa, printed in commemoration of the author’s 80th birthday. Each of the four books is a collection of essays around the general themes of the American Founding, Abraham Lincoln, political philosophy, and American Political Conservatism.

Table of Contents:

1. The Special Meaning of the Declaration of Independence by Charles R. Kesler
2. Another Look at the Declaration
3. The 1980 Presidential Election: A Watershed in the Making?
4. For Good Government and the Happiness of Mankind: The Moral Majority and the American Founding
5. A Conversation with Harry V. Jaffa at Rosary College
6. Inventing the Past: Garry Wills’s “Inventing America” and the Pathology of Ideological Scholarship
7. On Political Education
8. Looking at Mr. Goodlyfe
9. In Defense of Political Philosophy: Two Letters to Walter Berns 
10. The Primacy of the Good: Leo Strauss Remembered
11. “In Defense of Political Philosophy” Defended: A Rejoinder to Walter Berns 
12. The Doughface Dilemma: or the Invisible Slave in the American Enterprise Institute’s Bicentennial
13. Willmoore Kendall: Philosopher of Consensus?
14. The Madison Legacy: A Reconsideration of the Founders’ Intent
15. Human Rights and the Crisis of the West
16. The Declaration and the Draft
17. Dred Scott and the American Regime
18. The American Regime and the Only Greater Institution
19. Sodomy and the Academy: The Assault on the Family and Morality by “Liberation” Ethics