On Revolution

Arendt, Hannah. New York: Viking Press, 1963. Revised second edition, 1965.


Hannah Arendt’s penetrating observations on the modern world have been fundamental to our understanding of our political landscape, both its history and its future. Published in the years between Arendt’s seminal texts The Origins of Totalitarianism  and Eichmann in Jerusalem, On Revolution is a unique and fascinating look at violent political change and its relationship to individual freedom, from the eighteenth-century rebellions in America and France to the explosive changes of the twentieth century. Illuminating and prescient, this timeless work will fascinate anyone who seeks to decipher the forces that shape our tumultuous age.

Table of Contents:

1. The Meaning of Revolution
2. The Social Question
3. The Pursuit of Happiness
4. Foundation I : Constitutio Libertatis
5. Foundation II : Novus Ordo Saeclorum
6. The Revolutionary Tradition and Its Lost Treasure

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