Glorious, Indeed: What the English Revolution of 1688 Meant

Himmelfarb, Gertrude. "Glorious, Indeed: What the English Revolution of 1688 Meant." The Weekly Standard, July 23, 2007.


Michael Barone is a distinguished political analyst, commentator, journalist, and occasional historian, the author of two books on recent American history. He has now ventured on a subject that is more than three centuries and a full continent removed from his normal habitat. Even more venturesome, he is invading the turf of professional historians, including the most venerable and awesome of them all, Thomas Babington Macaulay. Barone’s present work is not only on the subject Macaulay made his own, the English Revolution of 1688-89–on a much, much smaller scale, to be sure; Barone’s fewer than 250 pages of text compared with Macaulay’s five volumes, each more than twice that length–it is also (and this is no less daring) in the narrative mode of Macaulay’s work.


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