The Moral Imagination From Edmund Burke to Lionel Trilling

Himmelfarb, Gertrude. 2006. The Moral Imagination  From Edmund Burke to Lionel Trilling. Ivan R. Dee.


Chapter One

Edmund Burke Apologist for Judaism?

* One of the most moving experiences in my teaching career occurred after a seminar discussion of Edmund Burke’s Reflections on the Revolution in France. A student came up to me to explain that she had missed the previous session because it was a Jewish holiday (a little-observed one, which I had quite forgotten), but she wanted to assure me that she had borrowed another student’s copious notes. She also took the opportunity to tell me how much she valued the course and especially how affected she was by Burke’s book, for it gave her a new understanding and appreciation of Judaism-of herJudaism, which was a rigorous form of orthodoxy (so rigorous that she had had to get a special dispensation to attend a secular university).

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