American Conservatism and F.A. Hayek

Dyer, P.W. and Hickman, R.H. “American Conservatism and F.A. Hayek.” Modern Age 23, no. 4 (Fall 1979).


“It has been asserted often that the political ideas of F.A. Hayek are consistent with those of American conservatism. This opinion has come from sources as diverse as the members of the American conservative community and their detractors, as well as from more detached observers. The association of Hayek with conservatism, is, however, subject to dispute. Hayek himself protests forcefully that his ideas are not “conservative” and that those who label him so are operating under a misunderstanding of both the substance of his thought and the nature of conservatism. At the same time, Hayek seems to express sympathy for the ideas of American conservatism. This essay is an attempt to clarify the lines of this dispute and to seek a rectification through a comparison of the tenets of Hayek’s thought and those of American conservatism.”

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