Edward C. Banfield: An Appreciation (Salvatori Center Colloquium)

Henry Salvatori Center Monograph, New Series, No. 3, Claremont McKenna College (April 2002).


The work that follows is devoted to Edward C. Banfield, in more ways than one. To begin with, it contains the proceedings of a Henry Salvatori Center colloquium that discussed many of his writings and the significance of his lifework; a biographical sketch of him by James Q. Wilson, one of his first students and later his collaborator; and the first complete bibliography of Banfield’s writings.

Perhaps more profoundly, this monograph is an expression of the gratitude and deep affection felt for Ed by his students and friends. Accordingly, it also includes obituaries of him, culled from many eminent journals, as well as the eulogies delivered on December 9, 1999, at Ed’s memorial service at Harvard University, where he had been The George D. Markham Professor Emeritus of Government. Somehow, it seemed right to add to the collection the splendid tribute paid to him decades earlier on the occasion of his leaving the University of Chicago for Harvard, by his friend and colleague Leo Strauss.