Family and Nation: The Godkin Lectures

Family and Nation: The Godkin Lectures, New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1987.

From Publishers Weekly: Moynihan first argued for a national family policy in 1965, and continues to press for it in these informed and persuasive lectures. Examining key factors shaping family-related matters in recent yearsGreat Society efforts, the “feminization” of povertyMoynihan notes that “family disorganization,” once a concern mainly of minorities, has become a “general feature of the American population,” and points to the growing number of impoverished preschool children, illegitimate births, etc. He outlines needed changes, such as national welfare standards and programs for poor women, and urges both liberals and conservatives to explore their common ground on this issue. “Family policy is no one’s business at present,” Moynihan writes. He sounds a forceful call to action to counter that situation.