The Regulators’ Yoke

National Review, November 9, 2015.


Earlier this year, I published a book called “By the People” that laid out a plan for systematic civil disobedience of stupid and pointless regulations. It is a subversive position. The rule of law is the foundation of civilization. It is especially important for those of us who are devoted to freedom, because it is only through the rule of law that freedom can be protected—a truth that John Locke stated with ultimate concision: “Wherever law ends, tyranny begins.” To advocate that we undermine the rule of law is a hairsbreadth from treason.

I have been led to this position by what I believe to be a truth about where America stands: The federal government is no longer “us” but “them.” It is no longer an extension of the people through their elected representatives. It is no longer a republican bulwark against the arbitrary use of power. It has become an entity unto itself, separated from the American people and beyond the effective control of the political process. In this situation, the foundational principles of our nation come into play: The government does not command the blind allegiance of the citizenry. Government is instituted to protect our unalienable rights. The more destructive it becomes of those rights, the less it can call upon our allegiance.