Good Teachers in Bad Times

Washington Times, October 14, 2008.


It is a bad time to be a good public school teacher, as I had occasion to discover at a personal level when I recently wrote a book on education.

I was criticizing the anemic curricula in history, science and literature currently taught in too many elementary schools. To illustrate, I used the curriculum of the public school system in Frederick County, Md., that two of my children attended. Since I knew that readers would ask why my wife and I left our children in the Frederick County schools if they were so awful, I added a footnote pointing out that most of the teachers had been dedicated and competent, several had been excellent, and, I concluded, “Three were the finest K-12 teachers, public or private, that my wife and I have ever known. They deserve to be named: Frank Booth, Steve Nikirk, and Lee Vogtman.”


Washington Times