Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. “LBJ and Vietnam”

Firing Line Videos, Hoover Institution, taped on March 6, 1967, uploaded to YouTube on July 15, 2010.

Guests: Vance Hartke and Dickerman Williams


As Buckley introduces him, Senator Hartke “is perhaps best known, at this point in his career, as one of the leaders in the growing army of former friends and admirers of Lyndon Johnson.” This crackling exchange focuses on the main source of his and the others’ disaffection, Vietnam. Hartke: “I don’t know whether you can say that or not [about the previous November’s elections in Vietnam]. . . . If you have some special information source that I do not have available to me–” Buckley: “You have the U.S. government.” Hartke: “The government’s been wrong on so many things it’s hard to tell. The colossal blunder that they made in the cost of this war, for example, when they tried to ridicule my statement in front of the Finance Committee . . . well, they come back to this in January and they admit that this is true.”