Much More than Law Is Needed

New York Times Magazine (August 9, 1964).


If Americans are not convinced that the Civil Rights Act is just and moral, then it will go the way of prohibition and other laws violated, ignored and unenforceable.

The first returns on the effective­ness of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are in. They are, to be sure, incomplete and early. The titles on vot­ing, education and federally assisted programs call for a great deal of ad­ministrative activity, and we know nothing yet of their operation. The em­ployment title provides for a year’s period of grace before it becomes bind­ing on anyone. But the sections requir­ing equal treatment in public accom­modations address explicit and immed­iate commands to the general public, and there is evidence that they have been obeyed — more widely, initially, at least, than some had dared hope.



New York Times