Moses as a Political Leader

Wildavsky, Aaron. Moses as a Political Leader, Jerusalem, Shalem Press: 2005.

A new edition of Wildavsky’s fascinating interpretation of Moses’ political leadership, with a preface by Yoram Hazony.

Allan Mittleman:

“Wildavsky’s works ride from the twin convictions that the Bible has much to say to modern political scientists and that modern political science can illuminate biblical teaching. In Moses as Political Leader, Wildavsky sees the Torah as a virtual treatise on how Moses learns to become a leader. As a theorist, Wildavsky argues that leadership is tied to the political culture or regime in which leaders operate. Moses operates under four successive regimes, finally crafting a mixed regime of equality and hierarchy as the ideal political framework for Jews. Wildavsky seeks to show how existing political theorizing on leadership can learn from Mosaic teaching, and how biblical study can be enriched by attention to the political teaching embedded in the text. This is a crucial book for anyone interested in Jewish political thought.”