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The Moral Status of the Human Embryo

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Fetal Attraction

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Pope John Paul II

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Barring Faith

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Six Stem Cell Facts

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Natural Law

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Solomonic Wisdom

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Academic Freedom and What It Means Today

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What is Marriage?

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Natural Law

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Five Pillars of a Decent and Dynamic Society

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What is Marriage?

– Keynote address at The Wheatley Institution Conference on Defense of the Family: Natural Law Perspectives, Brigham Young University, January 27, 2011, YouTube.

Faith, Sex, and Freedom

– Speech at Love and Fidelity Network's Seventh Annual National Conference on Sexuality, Integrity, and the University, Princeton University, November 8, 2014, YouTube.

Remarks at Jalsa Salana USA 2015

– Speech at the 67th Jalsa Salana (Annual Convention) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, Harrisburg, PA, August 15, 2015, YouTube.

The Constitution and Morality

– Eighth Annual Rosenkranz Debate at Federalist Society’s 2015 National Lawyers Convention, with John O. McGinnis, moderated by Hon. William H. Pryor Jr., introduced by Eugene B. Meyer, Washington DC, November 14, 2015, YouTube.