Crime and Public Policy

– James Q. Wilson and Joan Petersilia, editors, Crime and Public Policy (Oxford University Press, 2011).

Moral Intuitions

– James Q. Wilson, Moral Intuitions (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction, 2000).

The Moral Sense

– James Q. Wilson, The Moral Sense (The Free Press, 1993, 1995; paperback edition 1997, 1998).


Tocqueville and America

– James Q. Wilson, "Tocqueville and America," Claremont Review of Books, Vol. 12, No. 2, Spring 2012, pp. 14-16.

Measuring the Slant

– James Q. Wilson, "Measuring the Slant," Claremont Review of Books, Vol. 12, No. 1, Winter 2011-2012, pp. 80-81.

Burying the Hatchet

– James Q. Wilson "Burying the Hatchet," Wall Street Journal, October 1, 2011.

Not-So-Dismal Science

– James Q. Wilson, "Not-So-Dismal Science," Claremont Review of Books, Vol. 11, No. 3, Summer 2011, pp. 65-66.

Uneven Progress

– James Q. Wilson, "Uneven Progress," Claremont Review of Books, Vol. 11, Nos. 1 and 2, Winter 2010-Spring 2011, pp. 88-89.


Character and the Moral Sense

– "Character and the Moral Sense" Conference in Honor of James Q. Wilson, Pepperdine University, February 28 - March 1, 2014.

Thinking About Politics

Thinking About Politics: A Conference Dedicated to Explaining and Perpetuating the Political Insights of James Q. Wilson took place at Harvard University and Boston College on April 4-5, 2013.

The Intellectual Life and Legacy of James Q. Wilson

– In this event, held at the RAND Corporation on January 17, 2013, several of James Q. Wilson's former students--Pietro Nivola of the Brookings Institution, R. Shep Melnick of Boston College, Angela Hawken of Pepperdine University, and Susan Marquis of the Pardee RAND Graduate School--share their thoughts on his legacy and his enduring impact on public policy.

The Legacy of James Q. Wilson

– The Hudson Institute's 2012 Bradley Symposium, Knowledge and Governance in American Democracy: The Legacy of James Q. Wilson, was held in Washington, D.C., on June 7, 2012. It was moderated by William Kristol of The Weekly Standard and Yuval Levin of National Affairs, and featured Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute, Christopher DeMuth of the Hudson Institute, and R. Shep Melnick of Boston College.

The Man with a Take Some-Prisoners Approach

The Man with a Take Some-Prisoners Approach: Remembering the Legacy of James Q. Wilson was a panel discussion held in Los Angeles on June 4, 2012. It featured Mark A.R. Kleiman of UCLA, Angela Hawken of Pepperdine University, Mark Peterson of UCLA, and Charlie Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Remembrance of James Q. Wilson

– Heather Mac Donald, "Remembrance of James Q. Wilson," Twelfth Annual Manhattan Institute Alexander Hamilton Awards Dinner, May 21, 2012.